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Our Staff

Cherry Capik, CEO

Cherry Capik co-founded and incorporated Continental in 1970 with her late husband, William Wheeler. Cherry served as President from 1972 until she became CEO in 1984, and she has opened new markets by promoting and selling Continental’s products and services worldwide, including in emerging markets in the Middle East, Asia and throughout Europe. She lives in Coral Gables with her husband, and cheers for the Canes as a University of Miami alum.

Richard W. Capik, President

Rick Capik has worked for Continental Services Group Inc. since 1979, and has served as President of Continental Blood Bank since 1986. Originally from New York City, Rick graduated from UNLV with a degree in accounting. Rick entered the medical field when joined Coulter Electronics in 1974, and in 1979, began working with Continental. Since, Rick has made a significant impact on expanding CSG sales and has become an industry expert on requirements and quality specifications for human-based biological material used for medical manufacturing.

Cori Capik, Executive Vice President

Cori is the Executive Vice President at CSG. Her responsibilities include overseeing the Miami and Fort Lauderdale blood banks, sourcing and selling specialty red blood cells and serum or plasma material, and improving market outreach at CSG. Cori joined CSG in early 2015, after working with an investment firm in NYC. Earning her MS from Columbia University’s Journalism School in May 2013, Cori is trained as a multimedia content producer and media specialist.

Lili Rodriguez, V.P. of Technical Operations

Lili joined Continental in 2001, and is the V.P. of Technical Support for Continental. She provides technical support for existing processes and oversees both ISO compliance and special customer projects. Earning both her BS in biology from Queens College, CUNY, and her MS in biomedical science at Barry University, Lili’s career began in hematology research at the Bronx VA. She went on to do new Assay Development at American Dade (Baxter) and then Technical Support for Hematology Products at Coulter.

José Cabrera, Director of Quality Assurance

José joined Continental Services Group Inc. in 2016 as the Quality Assurance Manager, and has since taken over responsibilities as the Director of Quality Assurance. His responsibilities include both quality assurance and regulatory compliance. José earned his BA degree in Chemistry from Florida International University. José’s career in the medical field began as a research chemist working for Cordis Dow. Over the years, he held various quality and production positions. Prior to Continental, he worked for Danaher/Beckman Coulter as the hematology value stream manager.

Richard L. Capik, Manager of Information Systems

Rick Capik is currently the Manager of Information Systems of Continental Services Group Inc. He oversees the ongoing growth and longevity of Continental’s automated systems, implementation of efficiency control systems, purchasing, and development and implementation of the training programs at Continental Blood Bank. While attending the University of Richmond, Rick volunteered as an EMT-B. Rick returned to Miami to graduate from Florida International University and join the company full-time in 2010.